Top Design Trends for 2017

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February 17, 2017

With each new year comes new home design trends. In with the new, out with the old! The trends for 2017 are shaping up to be new and exciting, and we love them. From kitchen renovations to bathrooms to paint colors, 2017’s emerging trends are on point and aim to make life more simplified and luxurious. Let’s take a look at some of our favorite trends for 2017.

kitchen design trends for 2017

Kitchen Trends to Watch

Luxury and style are the major trends in kitchens for 2017, with built in bars, kitchen islands, marbles and specialty tiles. One major trend this year is complete built in bars for entertaining, a step up from last year’s bar cart trend. Built in bars include specialty storage for glasses, a mini fridge and/or wine fridge, and of course bar stools for guests to sit at. Another major trend for 2017 is marble countertops, and specialty tiles for backsplashes. Both of these finishing touches can take your kitchen up a notch, making it more luxurious looking. Another trend that we love for 2017 is contrasting kitchen islands, whether it be by paint color, surface material, or style. Having a kitchen island that is a contrast to your kitchen cabinets is sure to set your kitchen apart.

Paint Trends

Paint color trends for 2017 are all about remaining neutral. A deep taupe color works as a neutral base for your home, while shades of beige also remain a safe option. With a neutral base like a taupe or beige you can add pops of color throughout your home in the form of art, or even an accent furniture piece. And let’s not forget that Pantone’s color of the year is always in style: Greenery, a fresh, bright, natural green. But keep in mind that its bright color should be used sparingly as an accent.

bathroom trends for 2017

Bath Trends

Clean, bright colors remain in style for bathrooms, such as white or off white, with white tile. In contrast to clean, bright walls, however, DIY vanities or repurposed pieces as vanities are in style this year. Combining modern and antique is what bathroom trends are all about this year. If you are remodeling a bathroom, consider sticking with white tiles and walls, and instead adding a vintage repurposed dresser or cabinet for a vanity. The industrial and antique look of the vanity will contrast perfectly with the modern bathroom.

Work from Home

Another trend we love that is gaining in popularity in 2017 is work from home solutions. Whether you need a full office space or just a little corner to plug in, 2017 has you covered. Taking the work from home office a step further, small sheds are being remodeled and converted into home offices that are detached from the house, but still close to home. These spaces afford owners privacy, and the peace and quiet needed to get their work done, while keeping them close to family. On the other end of the spectrum, we are seeing a trend in creating “charging stations” in homes where a full office isn’t needed. This is a small space, like a nook, where one can sit down and plug in their devices, or check a quick email.

At Clockwork Builders, we are experts in our field, and we stay up to date on current home trends to help our customers keep their homes relevant and on point. We love some of this year’s trends, and we’d love to talk to you about how these trends can be incorporated into your home. If you are ready to make some changes in your home this year, give us a call today!

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