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Are you starting to outgrow your home? One option is to buy a new one, but why leave the location you love if you can expand your space to match your needs? Allow Clockwork Builders to construct a home addition that will give you more space where you need it. We’ve been building home additions in Howard County, Carroll County and surrounding areas since 1997. You can rely on our craftsmanship and attention to detail, as well as our expertise when it comes to allocating money where it will bring the biggest return.

We Will Match it Perfectly – No One Will Know!

You’ve probably seen ugly home additions during your house hunting days. Many of them are monstrously bulky and poorly planned. While a home addition will increase your home’s value in square footage, it could just as easily decrease it in curb appeal. At Clockwork Builders, we know the art and the science behind building home additions and expansions. From planning to execution, we do our best to perfectly match roof lines, siding materials, proportions, molding, and the overall style of your home for both the interior and the exterior. People who haven’t been in your home before won’t be able to tell that they are looking at an addition.


The Sky is the Limit

Building a home addition requires almost as much effort as new home construction. Since we will already be digging up soil and extending your plumbing, HVAC and electrical systems, you might as well make sure you add enough space to never have to expand again. Think three-dimensional: you could expand to the side, to the back and even up! Building a second story onto a rancher is very much possible if your home is in good condition. Also, consider how you can improve your home’s layout by moving some things around. As you are adding new space, you may want to reconfigure your entire home to flow better. Need the help of an architect to make your new design work? We can connect you with one of our architectural clients.


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