What You Need to Know About Paint Sheen

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March 30, 2017

When picking out paint at your local hardware store, you’ll probably be asked what type of paint sheen you’d like to have. There are typically five options you can choose from, from flat all the way to a high-gloss and everything in between. Which paint should you choose? To help you pick the best paint sheen for your home, here’s what you need to know.

What Paint Sheen Should I Choose?

The Different Types of Paint Sheen

The glossiness or sheen of a paint is dependent on the size of the paint particles in the paint itself. So, the smaller the paint particles, the glossier the paint. Additionally, the amount of paint-resin or binder in the paint also affects how glossy the paint is; the more binder in the paint, the glossier the paint will be. The main difference here is that a Gloss paint will be shinier, more resistant to moisture, and be easier to clean.

What Paint Sheen Should I Choose?

This is the ultimate question, “what paint sheen should I choose?” Sadly, there is no one right answer because the type of paint sheen you choose will depend on what you are using the paint for.

  • Flat Paint – A flat paint absorbs light making it ideal for hiding any bumps or imperfections in a wall. Flat paint is most commonly used on ceilings and in rooms which have minimal traffic or need to cover up wall imperfections.
  • Eggshell Paint – A common paint for a home office, family room, or dining room. It offers just enough to protection to allow for wiping off if necessary, but isn’t too shiny.
  • Satin Paint – The perfect “in-between” paint most commonly used in more active areas of the home such as children’s bedrooms, playrooms, hallways, and living rooms. Satin paint offers a little extra protection than eggshell, but doesn’t reach too far into the glossy areas.
  • Semi-Gloss Paint – A semi-gloss paint is best used in the kitchen, in bathrooms, on trim, or on chair rails. This paint is very durable so it can withstand moisture and oils from fingers will wipe off quite easily.
  • High-Gloss Paint – High-gloss is best reserved to paint kitchen areas, doors, window trim, or any outdoor areas as it offers the highest levels of durability.

Hire a Professional Home Remodeling Company

If you’re not sure what type of paint you want to have for each aspect of your kitchen remodeling project or new garage addition, simply ask your Maryland home remodeling company. They have the experience to know which type of paint best suits each room in your home. All you will need to do is give them the color you desire.

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