Best Types of Flooring for Bathrooms

Category: Bathrooms
August 22, 2017

Your bathroom floor sets the feel of the room. It can tie everything together or make a careful design fall apart. So, when remodeling your bathroom, it’s important to consider which kind of flooring you want to use. There are obvious choices that should never be used in a bathroom, like carpet, but the number […]


What You Need to Know About Paint Sheen

Category: General
March 30, 2017

When picking out paint at your local hardware store, you’ll probably be asked what type of paint sheen you’d like to have. There are typically five options you can choose from, from flat all the way to a high-gloss and everything in between. Which paint should you choose? To help you pick the best paint […]


Top Design Trends for 2017

Category: Bathrooms,Kitchens
February 17, 2017

With each new year comes new home design trends. In with the new, out with the old! The trends for 2017 are shaping up to be new and exciting, and we love them. From kitchen renovations to bathrooms to paint colors, 2017’s emerging trends are on point and aim to make life more simplified and […]